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New West language school is a language school with a group of highly-qualified, professional tutors who provide high-quality offline or online tutoring via zoom video call on a wide range of subjects.
Our mission is to assist children and adults to achieve their full academic potential through learning.

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Here at Tutorim we handpick only the best qualified, expert, and friendly tutors for you.
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“Emma has been a great help to us during the last year of learning. My daughter managed to fill the gap in her class and improved her grades drastically. Me and my husband are very thankful for Emma’s dedication to help our Mia succeed.“


“I was fortunate to have Benjamin on as my tutor. He is extremely patient, professional and knowledgeable and helped me to increase my son's overall grades. Without a doubt, I can credit Tutorim for my son's academic achievements!”


“Tutorim have helped me enormously through my final year in school. She provided me tutors, expert in my subjects fields. Merve helped me grasp difficult courses material and ensure that I excel. I would definitely recommend!”

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